Finding yourself in a Quarter Life Crisis

The twenties are a hard time. You have passed out of college. It is time you contributed to society, made your mark, your dent on the universe. The issue is that if you are anything like the average Joe or Jane or Harmeet or Gurmeet, you haven’t a clue of what you are up to. If you are Indian, you may have most likely gone through education like an obstacle course runner… Steadily crossing each level to emerge err… victorious, but with hardly a clue about what lies ahead. Colleges these days hold placements, which is like a random allocation of people to companies and roles. Post this random allocation, you are gleeful for a couple of months. You have, technically, made it. Six figure package, swanky office, smart office wear, a jet setting lifestyle and maybe a company laptop thrown in to make you feel like you have arrived. A couple of months down the line, you are wondering… Umm… Where exactly have I arrived? Where was I headed anyway?

In the meantime you are expected to have confident answers to questions like – Where do you see yourself five years from now? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your key personality traits? You are thinking to yourself, trust me, you don’t want to know. In the meantime, your parents (yeah, that’s how we roll in India) decide you have settled down and are old enough to be married. Blame that one on inflation and inflated salaries. All this while. you still have no clue of what you are doing. So you decide to go with the flow. You keep flowing, while hairlines keep receding, bellies start protruding and the greys start appearing.

In the good ol’ times mid life crisis was popular. The crisis of being 40ish and wondering whether you have spent your life in the right direction and what is the way ahead. Today’s world is much faster and such crises emerge quicker too, hence the rising incidence of quarter life crisis. Having hit 25 recently, I am bang in the middle of one. And oh boy, does it hurt. But I’m at it. Finding the person that is me.

Are you going through something similar?

Cluelessly yours

Showing up – Day 1


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Day 1 – 1st February, 2014

So, how does it feel is a question I have asked myself quite a few times since morning. Let me offer you a peek-a-boo into the gamut of emotions I have been going through:

“Damn! Waking up early sucks!”

“Yayy! We are going to gym early”

“Darn! My body is hardly moving on the treadmill :/”

“I’m bugged and my head feels heavy”

“Let’s catch a lil nap”

“OMG! I overslept again. Get to work. Immediately,”

“Where do I start? I should have made an excel with it all.”

Reading diet plans – “Superfoods…Here I come!”

Reading why waking up early gave me a headache – “Ah! I knew it! I’m an owl. Guess I need to wake up at 7 tomorrow too to get my body used to it! Uh oh!” (Owls of the world, CLICK here)

“Let’s have some green tea. Feeling satisfied…”

“Time to clean up and shower!”

“I’m hungry again!”

Not exactly earth shattering and motivating thoughts! But, probably first days are somewhat that way, because you are trying to get your body, mind and soul out of its inertia. Probably, it is more about showing up than about getting it all right on Day 1.

ImageImage via Lifehack

Anyway, the sun is setting now. I shall cosy up by the window and read a book.



We love planning !


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The previous post bringing in the “Year of the Entrepreneur” worked like magic for us. We immediately set upon planning, scheduling and preparing with frenzy. (Note: We love planning.)

Bringing you a sneak peek into all the preparation that is going in before the D-Day with excerpts from the mail he wrote in reply.

Let’s create HYPE and restrict things which can wait. We can have a draft schedule ready by tomorrow.

As for the schedule, let’s divide it this way –


  • Reading
  • Learning Corel
  • TED videos
  • Going to new places on weekends for a change of scene 

B – Prayer

We need to start our day and end our day with this.


I would propose a morning workout – 4 days a week.

Now, 1st February happens to be a Saturday. It follows that 2nd Feb happens to be a Sunday. (Facepalm, there goes the weekend!) We have (errm…enthusiastically) shelved a Friday evening plan to ensure that we are fresh as daisies on Saturday.

Is the planning frenzy and jumping headlong into a whole new schedule familiar? How has it been like for you?



2014 – The Year of the Entrepreneur


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Today is 28th January’ 2014. Recently we celebrated 4 years of togetherness. 4 years of togetherness, dreams, joy and a whole lot of fun. We have made some great accomplishments in this time; the biggest being that we managed to arrange our love marriage. That’s a mean feat in India. No doubt, our parents were sporting and supporting. But, I would still like to give US quite a bit of the credit. Now that the marriage shopping, mania and frenzy is over; we are face to face with our next biggest dream – To open our own venture together.

If one goes out in the market, eating at the many food havens, sipping coffees at the innumerable cafes and shopping at umpteen stores – it seems as if the world is full of entrepreneurs and only WE don’t seem to be able to figure it out, crack the code and make pots of money.

I want to draw a corollary of our Entrepreneurial situation vis-a-vis with the Class Tenth Board Exams (as they used to be in our time). Board year meant that for that one year social committments came to a standstill. TV time was resricted, and altogether zero in a couple of homes. One was very careful of the company one kept, and how one spent one’s free time. Whiling away study time meant dealing with guilt. Good work earned you a pat on the back, doing no work led to brickbats. I, for one, put away dating for that year, not even looking in the way of temptation. The entire thought being – ‘All this can wait. Boards are more important.’

Looking back, it seems a bit over-hyped. However, such hype and consequent preparation has the ability to make even the kid who generally scores a 70% reach over 90%. It’s all about the amount of preparation that goes in. The Board Year is not fun in the traditional, hedonistic sense. However, it is fun in the intellectual sense. You are striving for a GOAL. which, according to everyone in the world is the most important goal in your life till now. There is immense intellectual satisfaction and joy in striving for one’s dreams, one’s goals. It is the joy of the journey.

So, let’s declare this the YEAR OF THE ENTREPRENEUR. This is the year in which we prepare for entrepreneurship – Evaluate where we stand, identify learning needs and create solutions. We make our schedules and adhere to them. We celebrate our adherences and punish lack of committment and cheating. Let’s get one thing clear. This year is serious business. We have lost a good part of January and can make up by a getting a kick-ass plan in place by 31st January; so we can formally kick-off on Feb 1st, 2014.

My thoughts for the day. Let’s discuss.

P.S. This is the wholly unedited mail my hubby (still feels awkward saying that) received on 28th January, 2014. And with this, we gave a formal name to the movement and the Year 2014.

Read on and Join us in the journey!